Happy New Years Omalink family and friends!! As a reminder prices online are for Lincoln to Omaha and vise versa. Online reservations are disallowed unless 48hrs in advance. Please call 402-475-5465 for short notice booking availability. For other cities please make sure you call in for a quote. Thanks again for your business, and I’m excited for another great year.

A friendly reminder when booking, please give us your final flight time destination in Omaha. So you may be departing Phoenix at 8:00pm to Omaha on Thurs night. But you are landing in Omaha at 12:15am Friday. We want to know the landing time in Omaha. Easy to get those early AM Arrivals mixed up on the wrong days. Thanks again, and we are looking forward to a great, long term business relationship with you all.

Cory Althouse Omalink CEO
OMALiNK is under new local ownership and management. We want to thank all of our valued customers for their loyalty and support as we transition.

Our amazing employees are excited to get back to work and serving all of our great customers!
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